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The Best Revenge is Forgiveness!

With many life challenges, we have several opportunities to learn, grow, transform, evolve, and heal from our “Soul Adventures” through the tremendous power of forgiveness. If we refuse those opportunities, we only will continue to suffer and feel the pain in our lives. The Sufi poet Rumi wrote, “The cure for pain is the pain.”

Our experiences tell us that this is true. We also know that embedded within every painful time and experience in our lives has been the seed of incredible transformations, healing, growth, life circumstances, and self! When we avoid forgiveness and stay within all the negative energy, we allow the pain to grow like a very aggressive fungus. Who suffers from this the most? We do, we always do, and the best revenge and moving forward in life is forgiveness!

We know that grieving and being in great sadness is one of the most potent and effective ways of beginning the transformational healing process for our lives. When we allow, surrender, and let the grief, anger, sadness, anxiety, depression pass through us, we begin to create a stir of energy flow in our stomachs, hearts, throats, to the top of our heads. When we feel the pain for what it is and have an awareness of such problems, we can acknowledge the pain, respond to pain, and finally release the pain. We enter into the world of tears, moans, sobbing, wailing, healing. We are clean, lifted; we are rejuvenated and revived! We have not forgotten; however, we have forgiven!

Many of us wrestle with true forgiveness. To acknowledge it, let it pass through us, have awareness for it can be very challenging, but can also be very healing for us if we forgive. We can feel stuck and not know how to navigate the pain and change it into forgiveness and healing. Psychological and emotional distress can carry on for days, weeks, months, and even years filled with rage, anger, dread, regret, despair, and hopelessness.

Forgiveness is a release of persistent negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions that we harbor about ourselves, others, our past, and the challenges that only life can offer in the human experience. Forgiveness through the power of choice, free-will, and letting go can be an arena filled with healing, joy, love, peace, excitement, new direction, creation, self-love, positive energy, and a path towards full transformation.

Do we make a conscious choice to move into this arena of forgiveness, which not only takes great courage and confidence, it takes the act of facing the pain so the act of forgiveness can accommodate the cure for that pain?  This forgiveness arena is always open; tickets are now on sale and no better time to take back the power and let forgiveness become the best revenge for living a positive, joyful, and healthy life!


Is forgiveness the best revenge?  Read the article by @MarcLainhart the Intuitive Prospector.  @AYRIAL7

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