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About the Tree of Keys Series

 “My hero is Scorpio. She’s so mysterious and strong!” – Scarlett, age 12, Tree of Keys


Tree of KeysAstrologer, author and producer, Constance Stellas completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and has created her first graphic novel, Tree of Keys.  The story traces the journey of 12 orphans as they become Astro Heroes based on qualities, talents, and challenges of each  astrological sign…and save the world.

“Character is Destiny: Read this comic and enjoy.”
– Hermes Trismegisthus

“Anicent Traditions fill the void. check out your sign’s quest.” – Magister Leor Warner

“This is an epic cosmic story.” Ptolemy




Astrology is fascinating to everyone. The sun sign columns in the newspapers, the plethora of internet sites, and the myriad references to astrology and the 12 zodiacal signs in everyday life convince me that even if people don’t believe, everyone reads astrology. Of course, people are most fascinated with their own sign.

This project is an adventure story about 12 orphans from different backgrounds who become SUPER ASTRO HEROES. Each kid was born under a different astrological sign and the Astro Hero they become embodies  the talents and challenges of their star sign.

The story begins on the eve of the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The villain, NEFOS, plots to prolong this eclipse and weave a web of distortion to lock each Astro Hero into the worst aspects of his/her personality.   Opposing him is ZALINDA, the force of harmony, rhythm and joy.  NEFOS and ZALINDA have a complicated backstory that comes to light as the series unfolds. Each Astro Hero must go to the TREE of KEYS, find the key which unlocks the secrets of their sign, then battle NEFOS and their own doubts and fears as they become the Hero their star sign promises.  Only the Astro Heroes can redeem themselves, as well as all members of their Astro tribe.

Simply put: 12 kids; 12 signs; 12 adventures;12 SUPER ASTRO HEROES.


Tree of Keys could continue as a graphic novel series but my hope is that it will be an animated film, or web series. Threshold of Fire is the first issue which introduces the key players and begins Rusty Pepper’s quest. Then subsequent issues tell the story of the next kid’s search. As each one becomes a Super Astro Hero, he or she tries to defeat NEFOS but each Hero is only at peak power during their birth month. At the end of the month a new hero has to take over.

Once all the SUPER ASTRO HEROES are up, powerful, and fighting the number of adventures is limitless. Although, there are many iconic Super Heroes no one has ever created a Super Hero specifically based on individual astrological signs. The Heroes’ behavior, weapons, challenges, adventures, and eventual triumphs embody the characteristics of each astrological sign. Readers do not have to know anything about Astrology nor believe in it. Astrological mythology is the creative springboard to hook readers into this story. If someone says “hey, that’s like me!”….so much the better. Our tag line is “fight evil with your own talents.”


TREE of KEYS – One Sheet Pitch

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Created by:  Constance Stellas (Registered with WGA)

Genre:  Fiction, Graphic Novel, Animated Film, Web Series

Format:  TV, Film, Print

TAGLINE:  Fight Evil with your own astrological talents: The Astro Heroes Save the World!

PLOTLINE:  NEFOS, the Distorter, plots to prolong a lunar eclipse and gain control over the 12 orphans living at Quest Camp. The orphans are each born under a different star sign. Through his dark, unnatural machinations he intends to distort the qualities of each star sign and trap each kid and every member of their astro tribe in their own nightmare.  ZALINDA, the Harmonizer fights against him and bets NEFOS that she will win the kids to her side and redeem all members of their tribe.   Nefos and Zalinda battle out their relationship as each of the orphans become their unique Astro Hero.

SUMMARY:  Tree of Keys is a transmedia project.  Currently issue 1, Threshold of Fire, is available and the series is in pre-development.  Future plans are for a graphic novel series,  a 12 episode web series, and an animated film.

Although there are many iconic Super Heroes no one has ever created a Super Hero specifically based on individual astrological signs.   Additionally, equal audiences for both girls and boys are making headway in the Super Hero Universe but currently this genre appeals mostly to guys; astrology has traditionally appealed to girls.  The Astro Heroes bridge the gap.  Everyone in the world has a star sign!  There are 12 Astro Heroes:  6 guys and 6 girls.

AUDIENCE:  Young adults, mature adults.  Readers do not need to know anything about Astrology nor believe in it.  Astrological mythology is the creative magic to hook readers into this story.  If the audience says “hey, that’s like me!”…so much the better.


 Tree of Keys summary of the 1st issue:

Tree of Keys, astro hero

On the eve of the longest eclipse of the century 12 orphans each born under a different star sign sleep soundly.  The night is still.

In the heavens, however, there is trouble afoot: NEFOS plots to prolong this eclipse and gain dominion over these orphans.

ZALINDA protests and bets her eternal adversary that she will win the orphans.

Rusty Pepper is the first kid to notice something weird is going on.  He and his buddy So So Chen share bunks and Rusty has an epic dream where he feels pulled by images of power and domination and the Mars power  of his sign, Aries. Then another dream urges him to match his fire power with mercy and justice.  He is exhausted when he wakes up.

Meanwhile, OB, Nefos’ minion, is instructed to bring Rusty  to The Courtyard where  the TREE OF KEYS has sprouted.

ZALINDA’s minion, Whifty, does her best to aid the kids with special talismans that hold the secret power of their star sign.

Rusty overhears the conversation between Whifty and OB and learns of the Tree of Keys.  He charges ahead while Tori gathers the rest of the kids and they all head for the Courtyard.  Rusty’s  journey  begins as he reaches for his Key. [High Resolution Image of Cover]

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Astro Heros - Tree of Keys book by Constance Stellas


Media Appearances

ConstanceStellasNewConstance Stellas has been featured as the Resident Astrologer for the international magazine PRESTIGE.  Additional publicity has appeared include The New York Times, Marie Claire and Working Woman.  She has appeared on several New York TV morning shows, including Fox’s Money for Breakfast, and on many national radio programs. On Sirius/XM’s Starz national radio show, Broadminded, she advised clients on their stars for five years.  Constance Stellas is also a contributing writer for Huffington Post.

Connect with Constance on her Facebook Page to view entertaining radio and television interviews including Money for Breakfast and Megyn Kelly on Fox.

Constance is a performer and has appeared on All My Children and Law and Order. As a producer and has hosted many workshops most recently at the Museum of Sex. She created TEA Theatre, a unique interactive theatre piece in which she starred at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC.  In addition to her books, Constance’s short stories have been published in The Aegean Review and The Greek American.

 Constance Stellas is the Author of Best Selling Astrology Books 

As the House Astrologer at Felissimo, Constance used her astrology expertise to advice clients on personal style, feng shui and gift giving.  As a result of her experiences there, Constance wrote her second book The Astrology Gift Guide (Penguin Putnam 2002).   The book is a unique gift buying guide which uses a profile of each astrological sign to suggest ideal gifts.

Constance’s first book, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things (Simon and Schuster 2000) is a day-by-day guidebook that draws on numerology, astrology, and the Kabbala to pinpoint, according to birthday, exactly which materials and objects can fill your life with fortune and happiness.  It has gone into a second printing and has been featured in the Illinois Star, The Star Ledger, and The New York Times.

Advanced Astrology for Life, her third book, teaches astrological techniques to enhance daily life.  Filled with charts, chart analysis and little known techniques, Stellas includes detailed information and instruction on transits, karmic indicators, major life cycles and horary astrology as well as medical and feng shui astrology.   Chris Lorenz, of Dell Horoscope, explains, “Constance Stellas is one of those rare astrologers who has maintained a common sense approach by building on the basics. ‘Advanced Astrology for Life’ reflects this approach and can lead anyone who is interested into the rarified atmosphere of excellence.”

Her latest book, The Everything Sex Signs Book: Astrology Between the Sheets (Adams Media, January 2007) has sold over 25,000 copies and is now out in a second edition, as well as a French translation.  This book helps answer the time-honored question of which signs are most compatible in relationships and especially between the sheets. She has taught 2 popular workshops based on this book at The Museum of Sex.