Use Feng Shui Marketing to Attract Success & Wealth

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Feng Shui is about Positive Energy

Is your business set up to create and maintain a positive energy flow?

If you’re like most, that may not be something you’ve considered.

And to be honest, stagnant energy could be standing in the way of your success.

This topic goes deeper than you probably expect…

We all know marketing in business is essential to the success of that business.

Think outside the conventional ways of business marketing!

Implement Feng Shui into your business marketing to enhance the positive energy flow with special attention to the five elements. And the elements that are important to your specific business aren’t random. Based on your industry, your business should naturally fall into one of five categories.

  • FIRE: food service, retail, creative professions, sports, etc.
  • EARTH: real estate, building and construction, agriculture and environment
  • METAL: architecture, tech, financial, government, etc.
  • WATER: staffing and human resources, massage and spas, cleaning services, cosmetology
  • WOOD: publishing, travel, education, etc.

And you can use Feng Shui practices to attract wealth to your business in many ways. You may want to create a yin-yang balance of a structure or website, and you’ll want to pay careful attention to the placement and balance of color.

In Feng Shui, colors have meaning. The same is true for And we know instinctively that this is true. We all respond to colors and images faster than we do to words.

With the right Feng Shui principles, you can attract the right audience and wealth beyond measure.

The Basics of Feng Shui for Marketing

No one needs to convince you that design is important. You know you need a professional looking business card, website and promotional materials. And when you Feng Shui your promotional materials, you’re promoting your business in the best possible light.

Design helps establish trust with potential clients and customers.

That’s why Feng Shui could meant the difference between minor and major success.

In order to understand how Feng Shui can help attract wealth for your business, we need to cover the basics of this type of design.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of object placement to bring favorable results.

  • Chi – A large part of Feng Shui has to do with how energy flows through space. That energy is called chi.
  • Yin and yang – Yin and yang are also important elements of Feng Shui. These are opposing yet complementary forces that make way for harmony.
  • The ba-gua – This octagonal chart aligns with the eight points on a compass, and those points symbolize a different facet in life.

By using the basics of Feng Shui for your business’s design, you can create positive energy and begin attracting the types of relationships that will produce the results you’re after.

How to Feng Shui Your Business Card to Attract Wealth

What do your website and business card have in common?

They’re both marketing pieces or advertisements for your brand. They must leave prospects with a positive impression of your company. And it’s crucial that these advertisements deliver “Good vibes only.”

Have you ever looked at a design that was just off-putting? You can’t quite put your finger on why, but it just doesn’t leave you with a good feeling.

That’s probably because it doesn’t have the right Feng Shui elements.

As you start learning about Feng Shui, this will become more obvious. Many of the greatest designs out there are “accidentally Feng Shui.” In cases like these, people have stumbled upon the types of design elements that attract wealth.

But when we’re talking about your personal success, we don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Let’s review a few things you must know about creating a Feng Shui business card.


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The Importance of Images, Colors & Layouts 


You don’t necessarily need images on your business card, but they can help provide the extra oomph your design needs. If you do incorporate images, choose images that encourage a positive Feng Shui vibration. Here are a few examples:

  • Crystals for power
  • Fountains to symbolize money
  • Fish to symbolize wealth

Just remember that we’re also focused on simplicity here, so don’t overdo it on images.


In Feng Shui, you’ll want to use complementary colors that flow well together. Avoid stark contrasts like bright blue and powerful red. Combinations like these will stand out – but for the wrong reasons. The good news is that there aren’t really any colors that are off limits in Feng Shui, but you should know that every color represents a different attribute.

Here are a few examples of what color could mean for your business:

  • Black – Power
  • White – Clarity
  • Red – Power
  • Pink – Love and Calm
  • Orange – Organization
  • Yellow – Friendly Communication
  • Green – Wealth
  • Blue – Trust
  • Purple – Wealth

As you’ve seen, each color on its own has meaning in Feng Shui, but color combinations also carry meaning. Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Black and white – This color combination represents yin and yang.
  • Green and brown – This color combo represents the wood element that provides fuel for the fire of growth.
  • Yellow and brown – Together, these colors represent the earth element, which delivers a stabilizing energy to your business.


Your business card layout is a crucial part of its ability to attract wealth. You can use various shades of green with fish symbols to attract wealth, but without the right layout, the card is likely to produce a stale energy that won’t deliver results.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with layout:

  • The center of the business card is an important area of focus. This is the thing you want to attract wealth, so in most cases, it’s the company name.
  • Your name matters. Where you choose to place your name says a lot about your involvement with and confidence in the company. For example, placing your name in the bottom right-hand corner can send the message that the business is causing stress or pressure in your life.
  • For many businesses, the Bagua layout is most effective. This layout uses the rectangle shape of the business card as you might use the perimeter in a Feng Shui room design. Each direction encompasses a different area of your businesses, and the design optimizes energy flow between elements.

Feng Shui Your Brand

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Feng Shui for business, the sky is the limit. Don’t stop at the business card. Feng Shui elements can attract wealth through your company’s website and promotional materials too.

Feng Shi for your website can help increase conversion rates as visitors feel more comfortable navigating from one page to another. The energy flows freely, so the end user does as well.


We’ve covered some of the basic concepts here, but here’s the truth:

There are many more elements of Feng Shui for business than we can cover in this post.

And if you really want to make the most of every opportunity to Feng Shui your business card and brand, it’s best to hire a professional.

There are people who spend their entire careers learning and practicing Feng Shui concepts, and these are the people who can deliver the results you’re after.

Here’s the good news…

You’re in the right place. We have interviewed and vetted the best Feng Shui business experts in the world. And you can find them right here.

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