VOICE Search a Feng Shui Expert, Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Consultant & More!


AYRIAL is pleased to announce the launch of its Positive Living Alexa Skill.  This makes it easy for you to VOICE search a vetted lifestyle consultant by name, area of expertise and location!

To get started, enable AYRIAL Positive Living for free today on Amazon.com!   Or, simply click to activate the Quick Link! 

Voice Search

You can ask “Positive Living” to find you a lifestyle consultant by area of expertise, by name, by city or state.

Sample questions to ask Alexa:

– Can you recommend a feng shui expert in Texas?
– Is there a spiritual medium in Boston?
– I’m looking for an intuitive consultant
– Can you find me a dream practitioner?
– Is there a feng shui consultant in Fort Lauderdale?
– Is there an energy healer in New Jersey?
– Is there someone who does automatic handwriting?
– Who is Gerry Phoenix?
– Who is April Kirkwood?
– Who is Rose Hart?

AYRIAL Positive Living features vetted lifestyle consultants including:

+ Amanda Gibby Peters, Simple Shui Founder
+ Marc Lainhart, the Intuitive Prospector
+ Viviana Estrada, Bazi Astrologer & Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
+ Sybilla Lenz, Certified Feng Shui Consultant
+ David Low, Ph.D., MS, DreamWork Practitioner
+ April Kirkwood, Licensed Therapist
+ Lauren Robbins Bortolami, Spiritual Medium

To get started, enable AYRIAL Positive Living for free today on Amazon.com!   Or, simply click to activate the Quick Link!