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On February 4th, 2018, the Annual Energy patterns changed as we entered the Year of the Earth Dog. Let’s unpack the energies of the Earth element and the Dog sign, for only thereafter will we understand how these energies affect us.

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog. Dog is also an earth animal. The double earth energy creates a great chance of earthquakes. So hold onto your hat and grab onto your seat for I will share complex information, I guarantee that you will feel well-equipped to take on 2018.


Classical Feng Shui is the study of Time, Space & Man. Since it is based on time and space it’s been used to predict the outcome of the year since the Han Dynasty which goes back 206 BC. As the Annual Energy enters through a home’s main door, it influences the resident’s wealth potential. In the bedroom the Annual Energy effects one’s relationship. And depending on the Annual Energy of the stove location, it affects the health and general energy level of the home’s residents. Ok, so the Annual Energy affects each home differently, because each home has a different location and layout. So if we all live in one home, does the Annual Energy affect us all the same way?

Nope.  At any given moment, each one of our lives are influenced by the interaction of Heaven, Earth and Human lucks. Together, these three pieces make up the whole of our destiny. To explore Heaven Luck, we use Bazi (Astrology, study of Heaven Energy). To explore Earth Luck, we use Feng Shui (study of Place Energy). To explore Human Luck (a Person’s free will), we use Date Selection to help us make the best thoughts, actions, and proper timing is crucial for achieving results from Feng Shui Activations. See how these three pieces are interconnected:

Good and Bad Sectors of the Dog Year (2018) 戊戌

Each one of us has our own unique blend of energies and potentials affecting us with the year animal. But how does that information help us maximize our potentials, and minimize our shortcomings in 2018? Well, here’s a good start. Because you likely haven’t had your BaZi astrology consultation yet, let’s just focus on what you can do without your customized birth info.

Every year there are Good and Bad Feng Shui Sectors and Directions. We study these Good and Bad sectors by examining “Annual Afflictions” using a method called “Flying Stars.” To do the Flying Star method (to get a clear picture of how the new year will affect your home), let’s take a look at the three key locations sensitive to Annual Energies. Remember? They are the Main Door, the Bed(room) and Stove. The goal is to maximize the Good Energy of 2018.

(Positive Qi) that is greeting your house because the energy enters your house also enters your life!

3 Important Locations – Dog Year (2018) 戊戌

If any of the following Good Sectors & Directions match with your Main Door, that will be a good sign for Wealth in 2018. If any of them match with your Bed(room), that will be a good sign for Relationships in 2018. If any of them match with your Stove, that will be a good sign for Health in 2018. Alternatively, if any of the following Bad Sectors & Directions match with your Main Door, Bed(room), or Stove, those will be bad energies for Wealth, Relationships, and Health respectively.

Note that this is just a year’s passing energy. If you’ve got important parts of your home in Bad Sectors & Directions, it’s not going to be the end of the world. Remember that we’re only addressing Earth Luck here — not Heaven or Human Luck. This is only a portion (one third) of overall destiny.

Furthermore, know that there you can place Feng Shui Cures and Feng Shui Activation to relieve the negative energy in your house. Activation is like a acupressure for your home, relieving blocked Good energies and absorbing Bad energies. It is time sensitive, so based on your goals and your birth chart, the activation days are chosen via Date Selection, also known as Ze Ri.

Good Sectors & Directions Dog Year (2018) 戊戌

8 SE3 – WEALTH: attracts wealth, cash flow (Wang Qi)
6 SW1 – POWER: attracts power, authority, good name, leadership
1 NW3 – NOBLE PEOPLE: attracts happy events, Investments, sales (Sheng Qi)

If your main entrance faces SE you are in great shape for 2018 because it ushers in this auspicious energy. To activate use this area more, open windows, add yang objects like a TV, clock or fan (Fire Color/shape).

SW is location for career achievement, power and authority in 2018. If SW is where your office or front door are located, you will be called upon as an expert in your field. Do use the positive sectors, directions to bring positive Qi into your life. Making you happier, healthier and more successful in
Earth Dog 戊戌 2018.

Bad Sectors & Directions Dog Year (2018) 戊戌

5 North 1, 2, 3 – Three Killings, The Five Yellow, (Salt Water Cure)
1 North West 1 – Grand Duke (Dog), NO Activation
8 South East 1 – Year Breaker (Dragon), NO Renovation
5 Yellow in the North bears the most negative energy of the year.

PLACE Salt Water Cure in the North sector by Feb. 4th 2018 for one year. AVOID renovating North, NW1 and SE1 sector. Best to leave them undisturbed and DO NOT renovate these
sectors until Feb. 3, 2019.

If you absolutely need to renovate, use Date Selection and BaZi to choose a good date and month to avoid triggering negative energies in 2018.

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Creating a Life of Happiness: Dog Year (2018) 戊戌

So now that you’ve read through the basics of using Flying Stars to identify Good and Bad sectors and directions in your house, you may either feel empowered because you found ways to match your home to this year’s positive energy…or you may feel helpless because you cannot change your home. Well, don’t worry because this is just the tip of the iceberg in the world of Classical Asian Metaphysics!

A journey into exploring your Bazi astrological birth chart would be highly illuminating and guiding. A deeper look into Feng Shui will show you how to bring harmonious energy into the most difficult houses. And a consultation with a Date Selector would give you just that much more potential in achieving your goals.

However, like I said earlier, Human Luck and your own personal thoughts and decisions are hugely influential. While you can consult a professional to help guide your thoughts and decisions, you also can take control of your own life by welcoming in the positive Qi yourself. I’ll end this report with the wise words of Lau Tzu. And I wish you all a very blessed and beautiful 2018, Year of the Earth Dog.

Watch your thoughts; They become words.
Watch your words; They become actions.
Watch your actions; They become habits.
Watch your habits; They become character.
Watch your character; It becomes your destiny.
~ Lao Tzu

Sasha Yungju
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Creating a Life of Happiness: Dog Year (2018) 戊戌 @SashaLeeConsult @AYRIAL7 

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